Thursday, June 22, 2017


Dear Humans

My name is Jack. I think that I should not be locked in this cage because I have not done anything wrong so why am I in here. This is a punishment not a reward and I am not that old. Give me a chance at life people. Why?  Would you like to be locked up in a cage? Come on people I need some help. Can someone please save me out there. This is not nice. I do not learn anything. This is a boring life sitting in a cage.

After a while I will have nowhere to go. I will say it again someone save me please. I want to be saved, this is like you being locked up somewhere and you can't  do anything. This is like a nightmare that you hate to wake up to. Come on people, you walk past me and I think that you are going to save me but no it is the dog next to me. Also the dogs are getting angry at me. I will not live much longer because I am getting hungry because I only get fed once a day. There are no friends in here for me in this place.    

Thank you for reading. Please save me.    


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